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(no subject) [Jun. 28th, 2005|10:19 pm]
Art Institute Of Las Vegas
Hey there,
I am not officially a student yet but I am enrolled to start this October.
Majoring in BS of Animation and Media.
I'll be living in the student housing and I am new to the area...
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(no subject) [Feb. 24th, 2005|03:06 pm]
Art Institute Of Las Vegas
Hey I don't want to be super spammy or anything but I wanted to let everyone know that awesometutors.com is hiring for tutors.

We're hiring for any kind of tutor at any skill level, but more than anything we really need math and science tutors for all age levels. We tutor elementary through college levels and currently we have 57 tutors on staff. The pay is great and you can work as little or much as you want to. It's one on one and you set up the times with your students to fit your schedule. It's great especially for college students, or anyone with afternoons free that wants to earn a little extra cash.

If you're not looking to become a tutor but are or know someone who might benefit from some one on one tutoring this is a great service for that too. We meet you at your house or at a library, coffee shop whereever is convienant for you. There's no time cap (unlike Sylvan, we'll stay one, two or four hours if that's what you need.) and since we're not paying rent on a tutoring center we're leaps and bounds cheaper than most of the other options out there. Most of our tutors are teachers themselves or have Masters degrees.
We're also the only tutoring service that lets you pick your own tutor. Eveyone has a profile with some information about them, hobbies, GPA and/or degree earned, area of town, most of us have a picture on the profile too.

The website has all this information on it as well as the applications to become a tutor or request a tutor.

(cross posted all over the place.)
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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2004|11:03 pm]
Art Institute Of Las Vegas
Ok, this is awesome, now all we have to do is search for members! Oh yeah, I'm Ronn, Game art design is my major. ^_^
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